Data Analysis.
Without the Analyst.

Datawok uses the same spreadsheets you use every day.
Simply drag and drop, Datawok handles the rest.
You get real, targeted insight to grow your business.

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At the push of a button...

Use Datawok to make data-driven, intelligent business decisons for less than a cup of coffee a day.

Keeping track of your business data is a challenge. Making sense of it is even harder.

Datawok does all of this for you.

No need to change operations.
No high consultancy fees.
No new hire.
No need to understand big data.


Is it for me?

Datawok is designed for every business. You don’t
need to be a “Data Analyst” or an “Excel Whiz”.

  • icon-formatWorks with your spreadsheets, POS, accounting or CRM software
  • icon-formatWorks on your browser no need to download anything
  • icon-formatDoes all the hard thinking for you. Bespoke business advice based on your data
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